ICSI is a UK registered company that offers specialized and accredited professional qualifications in cybersecurity for young IT graduates as well as mature professionals. It was created in response to the growing threats of cyber-crimes and the resulting demand for data security and protection.

ICSI | Certifications

Bletchley Park Science and Innovation Centre Bletchley , Milton Keynes 

tel: +44 (0) 19 08 88 04 93

Non-technical computer users are the weakest link in your cybersecurity chain.  Make sure your staff know how to respond to the threats.

CYBERAWARE is SaaS based educational platform that helps non-technical users identify and avoid the most common cybersecurity threats which are costing companies billion of dollars every year.

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EndUser Training

General awareness guidelines and insight into common risks and hazards, all delivered in a fun and entertaining framework.

Security Awareness Training  Modules incuding a white label Learning Management System (LMS).

Each module includes an animated user friendly video, a summary of do’s and don’ts, and a short quiz to make sure the user has registered the key points. Upload and create your own courses at no additional charge.


GCHQ Approved Training 

Given the abundance of cyber security training courses on offer, GCHQ provides customers with a choice of rigorously assessed training providers, so  they can feel confident that they are receiving training that is consistent with industry best practice.

Phishing Simulation

Our simulated attacks offer 
computer users hands-on training to ensure that any staff member is able to protect your company
against the most common attacks:


  • Phishing attacks

  • Vishing attacks

  • Smishing attacks

  • Malware attacks

  • Attacks via USB, CD, etc

We provide a choice of scenarios, designed specifically for you. Our client dashboard allows you to monitor the progress through the design and setup phases, through to real-time reporting as the emails are sent and acted upon.

Fully managed service, imposing no burden on your IT infrastructure or staff.

Report Phishing

Users can report suspicious email with one click.

The tool empowers users to proactively participate in an organization’s security program and makes it easy for your employees to report any suspicious email they receive.

Your IT Department/Incident Response Team receives these phishing alerts from users for further investigation.

Easy Deployment via MSI file for Outlook, Office 365 and G Suite. 


For a successful security awareness programme users need to be actively engaged in all aspects of what they are learning.

Awareness. Certification. Protection.

an ongoing training cycle