CYBERAWARE SECURITY is SaaS based educational platform that helps non-technical users identify and avoid the most common cybersecurity threats which are costing companies billion of dollars every year. Upload and create your own courses at no additional charge.

  • Security Awareness Training Modules

  • GCHQ Accredited Content

  • Build in Gamification for maximum engagement

  • White Label Learning Management System

  • Simulated Attacks

  • Report Phishing

Product Features

  • EndUser Training

    General awareness guidelines and insight into common risks and hazards, all delivered in a fun and entertaining framework. Security Awareness Training Modules, including a white label Learning Management System (LMS).

  • Simulated attacks

    Our simulated attacks offer computer users hands-on training to ensure that any staff member is able to protect your company against the most common attacks: Phishing, Vishing , Smishing, Malware and Attacks via USB etc.

  • Report Phishing

    Users can report suspicious email with one click. The tool empowers users to proactively participate in an organization’s security program and makes it easy for your employees to report any suspicious email they receive.

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