Eliminate your weakest links

Now more than ever before, companies and organisations are being targeted by cyber criminals who are taking advantage of knowledge gaps within your workforce. Their task is made easier if you have a diverse and multi-disciplinary team with different awareness levels of security pitfalls and loopholes.

Who can benefit from our courses?

Whether you are running a public sector organisation, an NGO, or a private enterprise, hackers are equal opportunity criminals and nobody is immune to their attacks. We can help you by making recommendations for e-learning packages that will maximise the benefit for your staff and give both employer and employee more confidence in warding off any potential data threats.
  • The human threat

    Although criminals often search for and hack into vulnerable networks, many hackers find it more effective to exploit the average user’s inability to recognise a threat.

  • From non-technical to expert level

    ICSI has developed a series of proprietary e-learning courses for every level, from basic awareness to CREST accredited certification.

  • A constantly changing arsenal

    Serious security professionals – and company directors – understand that creating a safe digital environment will always be a work in progress, a path of ongoing learning.

  • Progress monitoring

    Our group progress reporting capabilities allow your designated group supervisor or HR officer to monitor every group member’s progress and achievements.

  • The win-win incentive

    Reward your most valuable staff members, increase their knowledge on the one hand, and allow them to perform their duties even better on the other hand.

Cyber crime is serious.

It deserves your serious attention.
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