Getting started

ICSI was established to offer students the necessary foundations to enter the field of cyber security, where demand for experts is growing day by day. Now we’re going one step further: we want to help you kick-start your career, by offering you essential tools.

Enter the online market

Like so many others, recruiters and headhunters do most of their initial research online, before proceeding to shortlist candidates and interview them for specific positions. So it is absolutely essential that you have a professional online presence. Where?

Make sure recruiters find you

There is no doubt that LinkedIn is the preferred platform for serious business communication and professional networking. It’s also many corporate recruiters’ go-to address.

First impressions matter

In fact, they are crucial. What you say about yourself on LinkedIn and how you say it is your chance to highlight your particular skills and make a good impression, which will inspire recruiters or HR managers to reach out to you. But to do so, your profile has to be top-notch. That’s where we come in…

Take advantage of our FREE starter pack

You may have extraordinary skills in the field of cyber security – but not the experience to present them in a way that will help you stand out as a professional. That’s why we offer eligible students a LinkedIn starter bundle prepared by experienced resume writers, completely FREE OF CHARGE. The pack includes professionally compiled
• CV / resume
• LinkedIn profile
• Cover letter

Who can claim this offer?

All our students who have completed the MasterPath in Cyber Security will be entitled to this special starter bundle courtesy of ICSI, to help you start your career on the right foot.