Course Overview

You'll gain insight into the insecurities, vulnerabilities and exploits that lie within web applications so you can reduce the risk this poses to your business. This CREST Accredited course is based on OWASP Top 10 2017 and along with course Network Infrastructure Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking will help students prepare for the CREST CRT examination.

  • 100% online course - Study anywhere, anytime – all you need is a reliable internet connection

  • CREST Accredited Training Course

  • 1-2 months to complete

  • 6 months, 24-hr remote access to a virtual lab allows you to learn, train and practice your skills in your own time.

  • Level: Intermediate

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  • Exam Code: CPT-WEB, Hours 2.5 - Type: Hands-On

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ICSI|CWPT Certified Web Penetration Tester

Course Outline

Module 1: HTTP Protocol Overview
Module 2: Web vulnerability Scanners and Proxies
Module 3: Profiling the Web Server
Module 4: Injection
Module 5: Broken Authentication
Module 6: Sensitive Data Exposure
Module 7: XML External Entities (XXE)
Module 8: Broken Access Control
Module 9: Security Misconfiguration
Module 10: Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)
Module 11: Insecure Deserialization
Module 12: Using Components with Known Vulnerabilities
Module 13: Insufficient Logging and Monitoring
Module 14: Capture the Flag

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Detecting HTTP Methods


What is included in this course

  • High-quality videos with in-depth content

  • Modular structure – student-directed path

  • Knowledge Checks at end of each module and the course

  • Lab Guide including video Guided Exercises and answer files

  • 6 months 24x7 remote access to a virtual lab

  • Instructor email support

  • 1 exam voucher - Online Exam Proctoring

  • Digital Certificate of Completion

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