If you are interested in an exciting career in one of the most rapidly expanding areas of computing, then this is the course for you. The programme begins with the MasterPath certificate in Cybersecurity (three ICSI hands-on training courses which will grant you three industry-recognised professional certificates to immediately enhance your professional credentials). At the same to the University of Central Lancashire, CYPRUS for an academic assessment to qualify for the distance learning full MSc programme. This course structure is designed for a part-time pathway with a study duration of 2-3 years.

  • 100% Online

  • Level: Advanced

  • Accredited University Degree

  • Full Time & Part Time options

  • Flexible payment plans available

  • University of Central Lancashire’s registration fee will be waived for students who complete all three ICSI certificates and continue with UCLAN’s full MSc programme.

Step 1

-International CyberSecurity Institute

Successful completion the MasterPath Certificate in Cybersecurity, through International CyberSecurity Institute, (60 Credits).

Step 2

-University of Central Lancashire

Registration for MSc programme,

Top-up assessment to qualify for continued study as per UCLAN’s academic programme

Successful completion of the three University modules: a)Crtitical Analysis (20 Credits)
b)Cyber warfare (20 Credits)
c)Cyber Defence (20 Credits)

Step 3

-University of Central Lancashire

Successful completion of the Final MSc Project (60 Credits)


  • What are the entry requirements?

    High school certificate
    BA degree and transcripts
    English qualification (if applicable
    1 reference letter

    Professionals with five years’ work experience in a relevant field will also be considered subject to an interview from the Head of School of the program

  • What are the stages of the MSc Program?

    1. Successful completion of the three ICSI Cybersecurity course certifications
    2. Registration for MSc programme
    3. Top-up assessment to qualify for continued study as per UCLAN’s academic programme
    4. Successful completion of 3 University modules:
    Critical Analysis
    Cyber Warfare
    Cyber Defence
    5. Successful completion of the University Final MSc Project

  • Is this an online program?

    The MSc in Cybersecurity can can be completed entirely online.

  • In which UCLAN Campus is the online program delivered?

    The program is delivered at the UCLan Cyprus campus, upon completion of studies at UCLan Cyprus will result in a Double Degree (two MSc Cyber Security certificates) from the two Universities, UCLan Cyprus and UCLan UK recognized in EU and worldwide.

  • What is the cost of the MSc Cybersecurity?

    Price is *EUR 5,330 payable in installments.
    Distance Learning Exams Fee: The University will indicate the nearest exam centre to your location or at the University campus. In case you will need to be accommodated to an exam centre/location not in the University’s list a Fee per Exam might be charged.
    *Price is not including the cost of the MasterPath Certificate in Cybersecurity

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