ICSI is a UK registered company that offers specialized and accredited professional qualifications in cybersecurity for young IT graduates as well as mature professionals. It was created in response to the growing threats of cyber-crimes and the resulting demand for data security and protection.

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our 6-step approach


Our approach addresses your company’s computer system, software, procedures and human factors. The systematic implementation of our 6-step approach delivers the best possible protection against today’s ever growing escalation of cyber threats. 


ICSI has developed services and solutions to offer  end-to-end cyber-security.

Our first step is to identify the systems, assets, data and capabilities which, when disrupted, pose risks to operations. We will also help you define the specific responsibilities of key personnel within your organization who can contribute to effective cyber risk management. As an ISO 27001 accredited company by UKAS, UK, our Risk and Compliance team has the proven knowledge to conduct a cyber-security assessment at various levels in order to identify the threats and business risks. We can also provide 27001 preparedness to help you obtain certification. 


Based on the results of the cyber-security assessment, we will then assist you with the implementation of risk control processes and measures, as well as contingency planning to protect against a cyber attack and ensure continuity of your operations.  We will also help you fill any cyber-security gaps by supporting the development of improvement plans, looking at systems and the human factor as well as management procedures. For the human factor in particular, we have developed CYBERAWARE, a security awareness education platform that helps end users recognize and avoid the most common cyber-security threats. The platform is based on a continuous training methodology that delivers measurable results. We also offer classroom based training programmes accredited by CREST UK and GCHQ.  For the assessment of your systems, our CREST UK accredited penetration testers conduct powerful penetration testing and offer comprehensive and effective validation of your systems and procedures.


We will review and assess your readiness for a cyber-security breach in line with best practices. Our Managed Security Services include the use of Intelligent Threat Monitoring and Security Information and Event Manager (SIEM) Systems. 


The continuous monitoring process is the key to immediate detection of any breach which in turn will trigger a prompt response to cyber attacks.


Our incident response team will help you implement activities and plans to provide resilience and to restore systems necessary for your operations or other services that may have been impaired by a cyber incident. This includes performing an investigation, forensics and malware analysis to efficiently and effectively contain the incident and respond accordingly.Such support is based on different Service Level Agreements.


As part of your backup and disaster recovery plan, we will help you identify and take measures to back up and restore all systems underlying your operations that may have been impacted by a cyber incident.