• Study Anywhere, at your own pace

    We realize that not everyone who is aiming for a career in cybersecurity has the privilege of living near a UK university or the opportunity to dedicate himself full-time to post-graduate studies.

  • University Accredited Courses

    If you have decided to invest in post-graduate professional qualifications or a Master’s Degree, you want to make sure that your diploma or degree will be recognised and will ultimately convert into better employment opportunities.

  • Money Matters

    We are confident that your investment in post-graduate qualifications in the exciting field of cybersecurity will deliver a significant return. We help you achieve your education and career goals at an affordable cost.

  • Professional Qualification

    Especially in the field of cybersecurity, employers value practical experience and professional qualifications as much as academic degrees, sometimes even more. Our accredited professional qualifications combine hands-on training and theoretical knowledge.

  • Career Services

    ICSI was established to offer students the necessary foundations to enter the field of cyber security, where demand for experts is growing day by day. Now we’re going one step further: we want to help you kick-start your career, by offering you essential tools.

  • Real–world Scenario Lab

    Our courses are designed to prepare you for the tasks that await you in the field. ICSI’s real - world scenario lab simulates and challenges you with the kind of problems you will be expected to tackle.

What Students Say About Us

Jean Carlos

The course material and hands-on exam provided by ICSI are just outstanding. I am extremely satisfied with the quality! This is a great investment if you are looking to start or advance your career in the Cyber & Information Security space. Additionally, ICSI courses are accredited by CREST and UCLAN.

Kyle van Schalkwyk

""When I decided to further my cyber security development, and whilst already experienced in Digital Forensics, I researched the various courses and institutions available. Coming across ICSI, what appealed to me the most was the MSc path that offered not only three highly accredited certifications; Certified Forensic Analyst, Certified Penetration Tester and ISO27001 but also a track to a Master's Degree."

Colin James Sargerson

"The certifications offered by ICSI provided excellent in-depth knowledge on each subject matter. Whilst challenging at times, the delivery method and flexibility of the course material offered by ICSI, in addition to the excellent support from, enabled me to complete my Degree in the allocated time all the while working full-time, travelling and supporting my family. My decision to pursue my studies through ISCI has been life-changing."

Madayah Rov

"I am highly satisfied with the online course delivery platform. Course content was very good and self-explanatory. Lab steps are in such detail that for a new person without any experience it feels a piece of cake to do it after reading them. I passed my Certified Penetration Tester exam on my first attempt."